This autograph could change your life

I'll begin today's email with a quick personal story.

Although strictly speaking, it's my friend's story.

He's a history buff, and his passion is Napoleon.

There isn't a book he hasn't read on the subject. He's visited battle sites across Europe, and spent countless hours in museums.

But my friend was never a collector.

At least, not until his 50th birthday last year...

When we presented him with a Napoleon signed letter.

He was absolutely thrilled, and a little overwhelmed.

After years of studying his life and career in every detail...

He couldn't believe he was holding a letter touched by Napoleon's hand.

It truly brought history to life for him.

And today it's one of his proudest possessions.

That could be you...

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You can bring Napoleon Bonaparte vividly to life with a single autograph.

I was reminded of him this morning, when a new item arrived on my desk.

It's a letter signed by Napoleon in 1807.

A very nice collector's piece with an excellent signature.

(And it comes with a very unexpected back-story...)

Because I know many of you are history buffs just like my friend.

Passionate, dedicated and highly knowledgeable.

You love reading the stories behind these remarkable objects, but you haven't taken the next step into collecting them.

But what's to stop you?

I can promise you – owning even a single piece will transform the way you look at history. Because reading about it is one thing...

But holding it in your hands is on another level altogether.

It's a proud feeling. I'm lucky enough to have it every day.

And this Napoleon signed letter can do the same for you.

A very fine historic autograph

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This beautifully preserved letter was signed by Napoleon's hand more than 200 years ago.

This letter was signed by Napoleon in September 1807.

Just weeks after his decisive victory against the Russians at the Battle of Friedland, and the signing of the Treaties of Tilsit.

At that moment, Napoleon was busy organising his Empire and making plans to enforce his power.

And one month later he would send 24,000 French troops to invade Portugal.

The letter is dated September 1, 1807 and is addressed to Napoleon (“Your Imperial Highness”).

It was sent to him from Verona, Italy by Major General Serego Alighieri of the Bavarian Army.

Napoleon signs the letter on the reverse to confirm he had read it.

It's a very good example of his signature from this period.

Signed clearly in black ink with a bold stroke of his pen.

And the condition of the letter itself is equally impressive.

After 216 years it remains beautifully preserved with no tears or stains, and just the original horizontal and vertical mail folds.

In terms of quality and condition, it's an item any autograph collector would be proud to own.

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A superb autograph, signed by Napoleon in 1807 with a bold stroke of his pen.

Alighieri writes in French on both sides of the page.

At that time he was serving under Maximilian I Joseph, King of Bavaria and Napoleon's most faithful German ally.

Alighieri asks Napoleon (“I dare beg Your Imperial Highness to intercede for me”) to use his influence and prevent him losing his military position:

With fifty years behind me, I cannot now take on another career, and the kindnesses bestowed upon me by His Majesty the King cause me to desire this favour.”

It's a letter which illustrates the powerful influence Napoleon held throughout his empire, which stretched across much of Europe.

But the most interesting detail isn't in the content...

It's the man who wrote it.

Here's why:

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Napoleon and Dante - connected across 500 years by this single letter.

The author is surely a member of the renowned Serego Alighieri family.

And therefore a direct descendant of Dante.

The legendary medieval Italian poet.

Dante Alighieri (1265 – 1321) was the author of The Divine Comedy – one of the greatest and most important works in world literature.

In 1353 his son Pietro Alighieri purchased a vineyard just outside Verona, and in 1549 the Alighieris married into the powerful imperial Serego family.

Today, having owned the same vineyard for over 650 years, the Serego Alighieri family is one of world's most prestigious and historic winemakers.

So this letter is a direct link between Napoleon Bonaparte and Dante.

History's greatest military general and Italy's greatest poet.

A connection that spans 500 years in a single piece of paper.

That makes it far more collectible than other examples on the market.

(And if you enjoy history, I'm sure these are the kind of amazing random facts you love to learn. I know I certainly do!)

A gift that will last you a lifetime

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This fascinating Napoleon signed letter is a great way to start your collection.

The best autographs aren't always the most important...

And they're not always the rarest, or the most valuable...

They're the ones that mean the most to you.

They can give you pride of ownership and a lifetime of pleasure.

They can inspire you to learn more and build your own rewarding collection.

And you can pass them down to your family as treasures for the future.

This Napoleon signed letter can do all that for you.

If it's your first autograph, it's a great one to own.

It's a wonderful piece of history.

And a very fine collector's item.

So purchase it today, and start your own journey.

Buy it now for only £3,995 ($5,099).

Purchase this letter now

And don't forget:

This signed letter is covered with our Lifetime Moneyback Guarantee.

It comes supplied with a full Certificate of Authenticity, backed up by my 45 years in the industry.

And international delivery is free and fully insured.

So buy it today and enjoy it for years to come, with complete confidence for the future.

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