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  • A letter signed by Napoleon in September 1807
  • In very good condition, with a fascinating back-story

Napoleon is one of history's most iconic figures. As emperor of France, his actions shaped Europe in the early 19th century.

Following a successful coup d'etat in 1799, Napoleon went on to conquer much of Western and North Eastern Europe.

Napoleon was key in establishing a legal framework used across much of Europe, based on meritocracy, and his military strategy is still widely studied across the world.

When the Duke of Wellington was asked to name the greatest general of the day, he answered: "In this age, in past ages, in any age, Napoleon."


A single-page letter dated September 1, 1807.


Sent to Napoleon from Verona, Italy by Major General Serego Alighieri of the Bavarian Army.


Written in French, the translation reads in full:


"Your Imperial Highness,


"In the most obedient confidence, I dare beg Your Imperial Highness to intercede for me with His Imperial and Royal Majesty so that I may be granted permission to remain in the service of His Royal Majesty of Bavaria, where I have been since the year 1777, and where I have risen to the rank of Major General.


"With fifty years behind me, I cannot now take on another career, and the kindnesses bestowed upon me by His Majesty the King cause me to desire this favour.


"I hope for this, under the auspices of Your Imperial Highness, and with absolute submission, and the most profound veneration, I am honoured to be,


Of Your Imperial Highness,


Most humble and most obedient.


Serego Alighieri, Major General of His Majesty the King of Bavaria Verona."


Napoleon signs on the reverse of the letter to confirm he has received the letter.

Featuring a very good example of his signature from this period.

Signed clearly in black ink with a bold stroke of his pen.

In good condition, no tears or marks, and just the original horizontal and vertical mailing folds.


The letter was signed by Napoleon just weeks after his decisive victory against the Russians at the Battle of Friedland, and the signing of the Treaties of Tilsit.


The author is believed to be a member of the renowned Italian Serego Alighieri winemaking family, and a direct descendant of Dante Alighieri , the legendary medieval Italian poet who wrote The Divine Comedy - one of the greatest works in world literature.


A wonderful item which unexpectedly connects two of the most famous figures in European history.


Provenance: Ex Stanley Gibbons


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