From glory to tragedy: an incredible signed letter

He was a young airmail pilot with an impossible dream.

And in 1927, it took him just 33 hours to change the world.

Charles Lindbergh's trans-Atlantic flight was a key moment of the 20th century.

It made aviation history, and opened up the world to air travel.

And it made Lindbergh the most famous man on the planet.

But that was just the start of the story...

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From glory to tragedy

Today I'm offering you a superb Charles Lindbergh letter.

Fresh to the market after more than a decade.

It's a highly desirable early example, dating from 1931.

Written just four years after his pioneering flight in the Spirit of St Louis.

When Lindbergh signed this letter, he'd just returned from one of the greatest adventures of his career.

But his world was about to be consumed by tragedy.

So if you seeks items with remarkable histories...

This letter is the perfect addition to your collection.

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An incredible journey

In July 1931 Lindbergh set out on a groundbreaking 7,000-mile journey.

His goal was to discover a vital commercial route from the U.S to Japan and China, via Canada and Siberia.

With his wife Anne serving as co-pilot, Lindbergh flew their Lockheed Sirius airplane (nicknamed 'Tingmissartoq') half-way around the world through treacherous conditions.

Their visit to Japan saw them treated like royalty. But in China they discovered a country devastated by floods.

The couple immediately offered their services to aid the victims, transporting medical supplies and doctors to remote locations.

The Lindbergh's plane finally met with disaster when it was damaged landing in heavy waters, and in October 1931 they returned home aboard the SS President Jefferson.

(Anne later documented the journey in her best-selling book North to the Orient. And the Tingmissartoq is now a star exhibit at the Smithsonian.)

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Gold dust

A few weeks later on December 4, Lindbergh sent this letter from New York.

It's addressed to the American Express Company, regarding a shipment of important cargo from their expedition. It reads in part:

“One case contains the personal emergency equipment purchased by Mrs Lindbergh and myself in the United States and carried over to Japan in the plane.

“The other case contains gifts presented to us while in China.”

Any Charles Lindbergh letter with aviation content is extremely collectible.

But this is a cut above the rest.

With direct references to his pioneering far-East flight, and one of America's most famous aircraft.

In terms of aviation history, this letter is gold dust.

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An attractive autograph

The letter is typed on a single sheet featuring Lindbergh's personal letterhead.

It's a large document measuring 11” by 8.25”, highly suitable for display.

It survives in fair condition with the original mail folds, creases and minor marks common with a paper document of this age.

And Lindbergh's signature is a very good example.

Neatly signed "C.A. Lindbergh" in crisp black ink.

It's an attractive autograph worthy of any history collection.

But check the date of this letter once again...

And suddenly it becomes even more significant.

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The Crime of the Century

Because on March 1, 1932...

Just three months after he signed this letter...

The Lindberghs' life was rocked by a devastating tragedy.

Their infant son Charles Jr. was kidnapped from their home in New Jersey.

It remains one of the most infamous crimes in American history.

The couple paid a ransom of $50,000 for his safe return – but his body was discovered two months later.

The murder was dubbed “the crime of the century”, and President Herbert Hoover authorized the FBI to investigate.

The ransom money was finally traced to a German immigrant Richard Hauptman, who was swiftly convicted and executed for murder.

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An extraordinary moment

The timing of this letter is extraordinary.

Written in a brief moment, just weeks between glory and sorrow.

Charles Lindbergh's China flight in 1931 was his last great adventure, before his world came crashing down.

Following the death of their son, his family fled the U.S in search of privacy and peace. Their loss haunted them forever.

So this letter captures Lindbergh's early spirit of adventure, as he pushed the boundaries of aviation to their limits.

But it also represents perhaps his last days of true happiness.

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Own this letter today

Not all great autographs comes with equally great back-stories.

But this Charles Lindbergh signed letter gives you both.

  • It features a very good example of Lindbergh's signature
  • With aviation content of major significance
  • Signed in 1931, at the height of his global fame
  • And just weeks before the infamous 'Crime of the Century'

If you're a collector who prides themselves on owning exceptional items...

It's a letter you'll be proud to own.

And a story you'll be retelling for years to come.

Purchase it now for only £4,995 ($5,995).

Purchase this letter now

This letter comes with my Certificate of Authenticity and my personal Lifetime Moneyback Guarantee.

That means you can buy in complete confidence that it's 100% genuine.

And international delivery is free and fully insured.

Remember: this letter is new in stock today, after more than a decade off the market.

You're the first to see it - so if you want to add it to your collection, I suggest you act swiftly.

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I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for reading,


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