Your Top 5 Most Wanted Autographs

We've all played this game.

You're sat around with friends, talking about anything and everything.

A subject comes up, and then someone says:

“So what's your top five...?”

It could be anything.

Beatles albums. Sci-fi movies. Sandwiches. Left-handed pitchers...

And suddenly it's four hours later, you're out of snacks, and you're still arguing about whether Rubber Soul should be above the White Album.

Every collector I know loves games like this. I suspect you do too.

So let's play it right now.Your top five 'Most Wanted' autographs

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Which historic signatures would you love to own? Because I may be able to help...

Name the top five autographs you'd love to own.

The rare signatures you're always searching for.

It can be anyone. No explanations needed.

Inventors, authors, medieval Kings. Athletes, rock stars or world leaders.

From the most famous people in world history, to the most obscure names on your own personal 'most wanted' list.

I know every autograph collector has a list like this in their head.

And I want you to send me yours.

So get thinking...

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Annie Oakley, Elizabeth I or Marie Curie - which of history's most famous women makes it into your

top five most wanted autographs?

I'd love as many of you to play as possible.

I want so many 'Top Fives' that it takes days to go through them.

And there's a very good reason. Because the more I known about the autographs you want, the more I can improve the business for all of us.

The names on your lists will guide me when I'm sourcing new rare items.

And you never know...

I may have an autograph on your list tucked away somewhere, just waiting for the right collector to ask for it.

So let's talk.

I can help you build a collection you'll be proud of.

With every piece carefully selected for its quality, and its potential to grow in value.

So send me the top five names on your autograph wish list...

And I'll do my best to help you own them.To send me your own Top Five 'Most Wanted' autographs now, just hit 'reply' to this email.

You can also email me at

Or call me on +44 (0) 117 933 9500.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for reading - and thanks for playing!

Paul Fraser.

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