Einstein's gift to his mentor estimated at $8k

A 1934 first edition inscribed presentation copy of Albert Einstein's seminal book Mein Weltbild - or The World As I See It - will sell at Heritage Auction Galleries on February 11-12.

Einstein's gift to his childhood friend,
Max Talmley (estimated at $8k)

Inscribed to Max Talmey, Einstein's longtime mentor and friend, it carries an estimate of $8,000.

"What I let slip carelessly... the Devil kept," reads the message penned by the father of modern science.

"Mr Talmey, with... best wishes on your birthday... A Einstein... 1934."

In a characteristic display of humour, Einstein has crossed-out "Mein Weltbild" and written "Quatsch" (nonsense) beneath it.

Max Talmey had a crucial influence on the young Einstein. The Polish medical student introduced Einstein to the wonders of science, mathematics and philosophy.

In an era when Eastern European Jewish families would offer good meals to impoverished students, Talmey went round to Einstein's house, often loaning him books on science and geometry.

The pair became great friends, despite a 10-year age difference, which lasted until Talmey moved to New York City to practice medicine, when Einstein was aged 15.

'Mr Talmey, with... best wishes on your birthday... A Einstein... 1934'

A remarkable memorabilia item of a key friendship in Einstein's life, there will be high hopes when the book goes up for sale next month.

As we previously reported, an oversized portrait of Einstein in 1921 during his first visit to America, inscribed "to an ardent awakener of the Jewish soul" - believed to be Chaim Weizman, then-president of the World Zionist Organisation - will also feature in Heritage's sale, estimated at $15k.


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