All American hero Ronald Reagan honoured in London


Former American President Ronald Reagan is one of a select few who have had the chance to lead the most powerful nation in the world, and to this day is regarded as one of the finest men to have done so.

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of his birth, the United States embassy in London unveiled a statue outside its location in Grosvenor Square. The 10-foot bronze statue was created to honour one of Reagan's main achievements, which was helping to bring about an end to the Cold War.

For this reason, a piece of the Berlin Wall, which separated the two-halves of the German city for years and prevented the unification of Europe until 1989, will be placed in front of the statue to mark the historic moment.

There is no doubt that Ronald Reagan played a big part in strengthening the relationship between Britain and America during the 1980s, when Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister. That is why dignitaries from both nations, including former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice attended the event to mark the unveiling.

Such was his influence and popularity that he was one of the elite group of Presidents who completed two terms, from 1981 to 1989. He died aged 93 in the year 2004.

Of course, given the world famous nature of the role and everything that comes with it, there is naturally a lot of interest in memorabilia linked to American leaders.

A rare program from June 19 1975 which has been signed by Ronald Reagan would be expected to make as much as £975 ($1,570), and will probably only increase in value as more time passes since his death, providing an investment for a political collector.

He is not the only famous leader whose memorabilia demands a high price, as John F Kennedy's autographs, like this one, also sell for thousands. During the last 10 years the value of his signature has increased by 305.4%, according to the PFC40.

Another leader who has experienced a strong rise in worth too, is Winston Churchill. Original signed documents like this one have shot up in value by as much as 128.8% during the same time period, 10 years.



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