Zhu Dequn's Matiere Dominee to be sold in Hong Kong

Zhu Dequn's Matiere Dominee is expected to make $771,960-1m at Christie's Hong Kong.

The painting will be offered as part of a sale of Modern Asian Art on April 4. It was last sold for $939,338 at Sotheby's in June last year.

Dequn abstract Christies
Dequn arrived in Paris from Taiwan in 1955

It dates to 1992 and demonstrates Dequn's extraordinary mastery of light.

Dequn (1920-2014) fled to Taiwan after the communist victory in 1949 and then on to Paris, where he lived for the rest of his life.

On his arrival in Europe he fell under the influence of abstraction, the style with which he is most often associated.

His work commands strong prices at auction, with an untitled canvas selling for a record $9.1m at Christie's in 2013.

Zhao Wou-Ki's 18.08.50 is another highlight, with a valuation of $514,640-771,960.

Wou-Ki (1920-2013) was a classmate of Dequn who moved to Paris in 1948. The present lot dates to two years after his arrival and depicts entwined male and female figures.

Wou-Ki was also an abstract artist and developed a similar style to Dequn, despite the two men having little contact with one another.

His auction record stands at $14.7m.

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