Queen's portrait painted by youngest royal artist

The portrait is a straightforward head and shoulders work, from which the subject gazes straight out without any adornments.

"I decided to limit the portrait to head and shoulders as I wanted to focus on the more human and intimate aspects of her character, rather than cluttering the painting with the formal symbols of her public role." explained painter Rupert Alexander.

The painting of the Queen is Alexander's final work to complete his commission from the Royal Warrant Holders Association (RWHA). Now 35, previously at the age of 23, Mr. Alexander painted Prince Philip and Prince Charles.

Born in London and trained at the Florence Academy of Art, Alexander was funded to study in Italy through its Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust.

The painting will hang in the Council Room of the RWA near Buckingham Palace. Collectors interested in Royal Memorabilia including a signed photograph of Queen Elizabeth II with Prince Philip should take a look at this portfolio.


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