Quayola's Topologies digital sculpture makes $13,000 at Paddles ON!

Quayola's Topologies - Tiepolo Immacolata Concezione (2010) led the groundbreaking Paddles ON! auction of digital art at Phillips in London on July 3.

The short video is numbered five of an edition of six and sold for an impressive £7,500 ($12,852).

Quayola Topologie Phillips
Quayola is at the forefront of the digital art scene

Quayola is at the forefront of the digital art scene, creating mutant variations of classical art that combine sound and sculpture.

He comments on his own work: "I've always been fascinated by the space between real and artificial, figurative and abstract, old and new. I'm exploring harmonious points where these dichotomies intersect."

The sale is the first major auction of digital art to take place in the UK and follows a similar auction held in New York in October last year.

Digital art is an emerging force, with the success of the Paddles ON! series indicating an emerging market, potentially.

DJ Pangburn, editor for Vice media, wrote in an article for the Creators Project (the organisation's technology blog): "Despite the quality of the work, whether Paddles ON!'s London exhibition and auction heralds a rich future for technology-fuelled artwork is still unknown.

"Though the art world is no doubt taking notice of these type of work and monetizing it, they don't exhibit this anarchic work with the same fervour as 20th Century movements like Dada and Surrealism— yet."

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