Damien Hirst eyeball postcard makes $5,000 in 'secret' auction

One lucky bidder in a 'secret' charity auction has walked off with an original Damien Hirst eyeball postcard, despite not knowing it was by the world-famous artist prior to the sale.

Damien Hirst shark postcard
Those who missed the sale can get a genuine Hirst postcard without the uncertainty from Paul Fraser Collectibles

The auction, held by the Royal West of England Academy in Bristol, UK, saw 15 postcards by famous artists offered, yet those in the crowd had no idea of their creators.

It was revealed to the collectors present that some of Britain's top artists had taken part, but not which postcard they had penned. The Damien Hirst example sold for £2,900 ($4,960) - a sound investment for the buyer.

The auction also included postcards by Tracey Emin and Grayson Perry.

Less well-known artists including Peter Lord of Aardman Animations and Jessica Albarn, the sister of Blur frontman, Damon.

Neil Schofield, a buyer present at the sale explained the appeal of the sale to the Bristol Post: "It's half the craic and fun of it. We buy art and it's a bit of a game to us.

"There is money to be made on the Hirst and Emin pieces but I came here to help raise money for a good cause."

Those who want to get their hands on a Damien Hirst postcard without the uncertainty can do so with Paul Fraser Collectibles - see our postcard featuring his famous shark for sale.

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