Pow! $1m Batman comic defeats Superman to set new World Record

If any questions remained about David Tosh's claim about comic books as an investment, they must now be silenced.

Just a few days ago, a copy of Action Comics #1 became the first comic to reach the seven figure mark, selling for exactly $1m. The book, bringing 10,000,000 times as much as it was first bought for back in 1938 (10c) introduced Superman to the world.

Superman Action Comics #1
Action Comics #1 brought $1m earlier this week

Action Comics #1 has been the name to beat in the Rare Comic Book world for some time, but there had been some speculation that a high-grade issue of Detective Comics #27 would be able to top the charts for the first time in a Heritage auction.

Published in 1939, Detective Comics #27 (the popular title 'Detective Comics' was later shortened to provide the name of the parent company: DC) was the issue which introduced 'The Batman', and recently the film world has been treating that more Earthly superhero as a bigger deal.

However, the speculation seemed to have been a mistake when the news of Action Comics #1 came through.

Although the #27 had already achieved an internet bid of over $400,000 - a record for a comic book at Heritage - the auction house was playing down the idea that their issue could reach the magic million dollar number.

Detective Comics #27 Batman
Detective Comics #27 achieved $1,075,500 at Heritage

However, it seems that like every good superhero story there was a last minute turnaround and one of the aging (but well-preserved - 8.0/10) superheroes finally beat the other as Heritage recorded a final sale price of $1,075,500. The bid came from the live auction, but the winning bidder remains anonymous.

"It pretty much blew away all of our expectations" commented Barry Sandoval, Director of Operations for Comics at Heritage.

In some ways it shouldn't have been a surprise. Even back in November, a 1962 Marvel comic, Incredible Hulk #1 smashed expectations to bring $125,475.


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