Peter Doig's Cold Blooded will headline contemporary art sale

Peter Doig's Cold Blooded is to highlight a sale of contemporary art at Sotheby's London on February 11.

The piece, which dates to 2003, is valued at £400,000-600,000 ($613,548-920,322).

Peter Doig Cold
Peter Doig is one of the world's most valuable living artists

It was painted shortly after Doig's arrival in Trinidad, where he has lived since 2002. The move profoundly affected his work, which had previously been informed by the snow and wide-open spaces of his childhood home in Canada.

The work was inspired, in part, by Honore Daumier's The Print Collector - a work described by Doig as "a great painting of someone looking at paintings".

He explains: "Although the title of the painting tells us that the man in the dark hat is a collector looking at prints in a gallery, I want to think of him as an artist. I feel his demeanour and clothing suggest that here is an artist looking at works-in-progress in a studio."

Doig is one of the most valuable living artists, his Pine House (Rooms for Rent) selling for $18.1m last year - a record for Doig.

George Condo's Pierrot Lunaire (Comic Strip Painting) is valued at £350,000-450,000 ($536,854-690,241).

It's a typical example of Condo's playful and disconcerting work.

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