It'll be an honourable fight... Collectors bid for an antique Samurai suit

March 21 will see a fine collection of eastern ceramics and fine art go under the hammer at I M Chait in New York.

The pick of the Important Chinese Ceramics & Works of Art auction is undoubtedly an antique Japanese samurai suit of armour.  

The 57 inch antique Japanese black lacquer and iron samurai suit is matched in splendour by a helmet with gilt reinforcement strips known as a shinodare.

A crest bearing a Buddhist inscription "Hachiman dai Bosatsu" and a half-mask and louvered neck guard are also included. Shoulder guards and three-panel thigh guards round out the ensemble. The items are laced together with white cord.

This magnificent outfit has a high end estimate of $18,000 although such is the expected interest for this piece among investors, it is entirely possible the figure could go higher.

The event will also host several fine ivory carvings and an excellent group of imperial Chinese porcelains, including items from the Yongzheng, Qianlong, Jiajing and Daoguang periods.

Could this samurai suit surpass its $18,000 estimate?

There will also be imperial Chinese ceramics from the Ming and Qing Dynasties, jade carvings of note and fine Han and Tang pottery.

Chinese and Japanese antiques also abound on the catalogue, including jade, coral and ivory carvings and cloisonné enamels.

There will also be a significant jewellery collection on offer with diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and rubies up for grabs.  

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