Choose liquid assets: 'Think global with your collecting and the world is your oyster

Things are expanding here at Paul Fraser Collectibles, with a number of exciting new additions to our stock items for sale and also our new video channel, PFC TV.

We're also seeing a huge increase in readership of our newsletter, much of it from the emerging economies of Brazil, Russian, India and China.

Over the last 6 months our website traffic has increased dramatically in these countries.

Brazil +32%

Russia +140.9%

India +53.2%

China +187%

Over the past few years, collectibles have proven themselves as being at the forefront of economic relations between the West and the growing BRIC economies.

Only yesterday (November 30), Sotheby's two-part sale of Russian paintings netted $10,146,800, lead by the £937,250 sale of an early-20th century painting by Alexander Yakov.

Western and Eastern economies are joined by a shared love of art - most recently in the £937,250 sale of this painting by Russian artist Alexander Yakov


Why are collectibles leading the way?

Well one answer can be found on PFC TV, our video entitled Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Collectibles.

Collectibles are portable, tangible and offer a tried, tested and proven global currency.

Collectible wines are at the forefront
of China's growing economy - it's first
-ever wine auction netted $1.3m

The benefits of this were demonstrated at Sotheby's $10.1m Russian art sale, which brought a number of Russian high-net worth individuals to London (as well as from other countries) to invest in art from their homeland.

China's growth to becoming the world's #1 economy includes its first-ever wine auction netting total sales of $1.3 million; while India's growing number of millionaires - up 51% in 12 months - are putting their money into art, stamps and even ancient swords.

Meanwhile, the UEA's Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani of the royal family of Qatar is so impressed with the possibilities of art investments that he's rumoured to be interested in buying Christie's.

In real terms, investors from the Global Emerging Markets want tangible, reliable and proven assets.

And collectibles fit the bill.

So, whether you're an experienced collector or still thinking of getting involved, there are a wealth of opportunites out there.

And it's our job to report on them and give you the inside information on these markets.

I've been dealing in high-end collectibles for over 35 years now and I've never before witnessed such buoyant markets.

- Increased demand

- Diminishing supply

- Interest rates at historic lows

There's never been a better time to invest in collectibles.

If you want to get involved contact us today...

+44 (0) 117 933 9500


All the best, until next week




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