Barry McGee painting provides star lot of Palm Beach Modern Auctions sale

A large-scale painting by graffiti artist Barry McGee was the top lot of Palm Beach Modern Auctions' November 2 sale, achieving $44,000.

American McGee (born in 1966) is a critically lauded street artist, whose work has proven influential on subsequent generations.

Barry McGee untitled
The painting is in good condition, featuring only minor wear and some alligatoring

His work has featured in a number of high profile exhibitions, including the 2001 Venice Biennale - which significantly increased the market value of his work.

McGee signs his artworks under a variety of pseudonyms, including Ray Fong, Lydia Fong, Bernon Vernon and Twist.

He pioneered a number of techniques that are widely in use today - including that of clustering paintings together to display them in galleries.

He was married to Margaret Kilgallen, aka Matokie Slaughter, another painter whose work blurred the line between fine art and street art.

In 2007, a three panel triptych by McGee sold for $45,000 at an auction in Santa Monica.

Donald Roller Wilson's painting She Had Seen It (1996) achieved $19,000 at the present sale.

Displaying his characteristic predilection for high kitsch, the work depicts a monkey dressed in regency attire. Much of the artist's other work is a re-imagining of the old masters, with the people replaced with various animals - often monkeys.

His Moonlight Stroll through the Bamboo (1972) realised $28,000 at a sale in New Orleans in 2010.

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