Andy Warhol unique photographs to sell online

A series of unique never-before-seen Andy Warhol photographs of famous names are going on sale next month.

The photographs, which Warhol captured between 1976 and his death in 1987, are being sold online at, with price tags of up to £5,000 ($7,728).

Andy Warhol photographs
Dolly Parton and Keith Haring, as captured by Warhol in 1985

The portraits feature stars such as John Lennon, Mick Jagger with author William Burroughs, and Sting.

Each photograph is unique - Warhol made just one print of each. This factor alone should provide plenty of interest for Warhol collectors, who prize one-off Warhol works particularly highly. The fact that the pieces have never been viewed in public before will further add to their appeal.

Many of the photographs come from the collection of Pat Hackett, Warhol's diarist, who received them from the artist.

"Andy had an artist's eye and everything that he did he applied it to," she said.

"He would see odd things that he would photograph, his skill was deciding what you want to photograph. Photography was something the next phase of his art career and was something that Andy was progressing with much more.

"I am selling these photos now because Andy died before he was able to present them to a wider public. They haven't been given the attention that Andy would have expected."

The photographs will go on display at the New York Design Center from September 3, with the month-long online auction starting the same day, according to the Telegraph newspaper.

Warhol was the top selling artist in 2012 - accruing $380.3m.

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