Alex Walter Diggelmann's Gstaad poster makes $33,500

Alex Walter Diggelmann's 1934 poster for the Swiss resort town of Gstaad led an auction of vintage ski posters at Christie’s.

It achieved £27,500 ($33,413) when it crossed the block on January 11.

Gstaad poster Christies

Diggelmann was a celebrated Swiss poster artist (1902-1987)

Mountain resorts commissioned the top designers of the day to create their posters during the 1920s and 1930s.

They offered wealthy customers a tantalising glimpse of the glamourous fun on offer.

Diggelmann was in particular demand, as he specialised in sports scenes.

Christie’s head of interiors, Lily Faber, told the Daily Mail: "Whether the posters depict mountain ranges, skiers in action or one of the glamorous resort hotels, collectors remain attracted to the works for the colourful and decorative designs which can still be acquired relatively inexpensively.

"The most beautiful and dynamic ski tourism posters were produced during the early 20th century as the first resorts competed to be recognised as the most glamorous…

"This resulted in a great range of beautiful and striking posters. Skiing holidays became increasingly popular as new transport links gave greater access to this exhilarating holiday."

Other highlights included Emil Cardinaux’s Davos (1918), which realised a solid £21,250 ($25,825).

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