'Admiral Lord Nelson's most important medal - and how it can bring you wealth'

The collectibles markets are filled with people who are proving that doing things differently can bring you both personal and financial success.

Like Mahmoud Said, for instance. Born in Alexandria in 1897, Said worked reluctantly as a lawyer - encouraged by his family - until the age of 50.

After decades working in law, Said finally chose to follow his dream of being an artist. Last April, a single painting by Said, Les Chadoufs, sold for $2.4 million at Christie's.

It was also highest auction price ever paid for a painting by any Middle Eastern artist.

The work was sold by collector Dr Farsi. Like Said, Farsi was born to an Alexandrian family and followed his passion for art.

Mahmoud Said (Egyptian, 1897-1964), The Whirling Dervishes


Farsi eventually became the driving force of the Egyptian art scene. In total, his collection - including the World Record price for Les Chadoufs - netted $8.7 million at Christie's sale.

Both Mahmoud Said and Dr Farsi showed how 'thinking outside the box' can bring you personal and financial gains.

But what about when the situation is a matter of life or death? Such a situation was demonstrated by the appearance of a very important collectible on the market, this week...

Admiral Lord Nelson's most important medal

That's how experts describe the Breast Star of the Order of the Bath. It was presented to Nelson in 1797 - and he won it by going against convention.

Nelson disobeyed orders at the 1797 Battle of Cape St Vincent, breaking his ship, HMS Captain, away from Admiral Sir John Jervis's fleet to take on three powerful Spanish ships.

In the end, Nelson successfully captured two of the Spanish ships. So impressive was the victory that Jervis made no mention of Nelson's disobedience in his battle report.

The rest is history - and today Nelson's memorabilia are among the most valuable, sought-after and historically significant collectibles on the markets.

Admiral Lord Nelson's capture of a Spanish ship


His Breast Star of the Order of the Bath medal, for instance, will be auctioned at Sotheby's in London on October 22. It carries an estimate of £300,000-500,000.

And, earlier this year, an incredible oil on canvas painting of Nelson's most glorious victory, at the Battle of the Nile, appeared in a Dreweatts sale estimated at $45,000.

Meanwhile, Paul Fraser Collectibles recently had the great privilege of selling a piece of flag flown aboard Nelson's flagship, the HMS Victory.

The same flag was carried by HMS Victory's sailors at Lord Nelson's funeral. You can read more about our sale of the flag here.

What I'm saying is, if you are open to alternative investments - ie you're willing to think outside the box - the investment rewards can be immense.

For example, according to the industry's PFC40 Autograph Index, Nelson's autograph has risen in value by 397.2% over the last 10 years.

That's a rise from £1,800 to £8,950.

It's difficult to argue with figures like that. And, if you're willing to be different and think outside the box, the investment rewards on the collectible markets are yours for the taking.

More information on investing in different areas of collectibles can be found in our comprehensive reports.

For now, good luck and happy collecting!





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