10 musicians who are wannabe artists

Miley Cyrus has glued together some everyday objects from her life. These sculptures, which include a spliff attached to a vibrator, will go on display in New York from tomorrow.

"I had a bunch of fucking junk and shit, and so instead of letting it be junk and shit, I turned it into something that made me happy," the singer explained to V magazine.

Here are 10 other music stars who have turned their hand to the visual arts.

Jerry Garcia

Jerry Garcia was a poorly child, his asthma preventing him from playing outside with the other boys. Which meant he had plenty of time for indoor pursuits, including drawing and playing piano. He studied at the California School of Fine Arts and painted while on tour with the Grateful Dead. 

Ronnie Wood

Ronnie Wood sketch
This Ronnie Wood sketch is on sale at Paul Fraser Collectibles

All musicians in the 60s went to art school - fact. London's Ealing Art College counts Ronnie Wood, Pete Townshend and Freddie Mercury among its alumni. Ronnie is the pick of the trio. He featured on the BBC's Sketch Club as a boy, and designed the cover artwork for Eric Clapton's Crossroads.

We have one of his cartoons for sale.

Joni Mitchell

"I'm a painter first and a musician second, as it turns out," says the Canadian. "Anytime I make a record, it's followed by a painting period. It's a good crop rotation. I keep the creative juices going by switching from one to the other, so that when the music or the writing dries up, I paint." 


Elastica's The Menace - designed by M.I.A before she was famous

Mathangi "Maya" Arulpragasam earned a degree in fine art, film, and video from London's Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design before embarking on her music career. She produced the cover art for Elastica's 2000 album, The Menace.

Tony Bennett

Tony Bennett won't go on tour without his watercolours, and is constantly adding to his collection of "views from hotel window". You can pick one up for just shy of $2,000. He's also produced a raunchy depiction of Lady Gaga.

Cat Stevens

Cat Stevens studied at London's Hammersmith School of Art and had aspirations of becoming a cartoonist before music won out. He put his artistic talents to good use on his album covers. 

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan self portrait
Dylan's self portrait from 1970's Self Portrait

Want to see Dylan's artwork? Look no further than his 1970 album Self Portrait. Not everyone is a fan though, with critics complaining that many of his artworks are copies of famous photographs. "It's not a very imaginative approach to painting," says Dylan expert Michael Gray.

Courtney Love

Unmade beds, ripped dresses and bad makeup were among the artworks at Courtney Love's 2012 And She's Not Even Pretty exhibition in New York. Love's artwork is the same as her music: intense.

Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra began painting clowns in the 1950s. By the 1980s and 1990s he had thankfully moved on to abstract pieces. He was "most clearly influenced by the bright colors and abstract shapes of Mark Rothko, Robert Mangold and Ellsworth Kelly", says gallery director Michele Quinn, who produced an exhibition of his work in 2004.

John Lennon

John Lennon sketch
Paul Fraser Collectibles sold this Lennon-signed sketch for close to £8,000

Booted out of Liverpool College of Art, Lennon nevertheless continued to draw throughout his life. In fact, his cartoon-style sketches are collectors' items - Paul Fraser Collectibles sold a signed artwork for £7,950 ($12,795) recently. It was his and Yoko Ono's mutual love of Magritte that provided one of the early common bonds in their relationship.

Paul Fraser, founder of Paul Fraser Collectibles, says: "While some of those on this list should probably have stuck to the guitar, these works make for a fun option for collectors looking for a reasonably priced slice of their favourite stars."

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