Roman marble head bust will lead antiquities sale in London

A Roman marble bust of a man's head, thought to date to the 1st century AD,

 is offered at Christie's sale of antiquities London on October 1.

The lot is valued at £200,000-300,000 ($331,820-497,730).

marble head Christies
The marble head is executed in the veristic style of the 5th century BC

It was produced in the veristic style, which refers to the naturalistic "warts and all" renditions that became popular in Rome during the 5th century BC.

The beard is thought to have been added later, in the 3rd century AD, when facial hair was in vogue.

A Roman marble Janiform herm of Dionysus is expected to make £150,000-250,000 ($248,865-414,775).

Herms are columns mounted with busts of gods and goddesses that were initially used to ward off bad luck and evil spirits in ancient Greece, but were used predominantly as decoration by the Romans.

As today, gardens served as an indicator of status and the wealthy would deploy symbols of Greek civilisation in an effort to appear cultured.

This example depicts a young Dionysus, setting it apart from other herms that tend to show him as an old man.

A Canaanite bronze deity is another highlight, with a valuation of £120,000-180,000 ($199,092-298,638).

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