Egyptian blue glass statuette estimated at $40,000

An ancient Egyptian blue glass statuette depicting the goddess Hathor as a cow is estimated to make $30,000-40,000 at Ancient Resource LLC.

The lot, which dates to between 664-30 BC, will cross the block in Los Angeles on June 29.

Egyptian blue glass
The blue glass cow was made in ancient Egypt between 664-30 BC

Hathor was variously the goddess of love, beauty and motherhood (and mining). She was predominantly worshipped in the town of Dendera on the banks of the Nile, just north of Luxor.

Blue was an important colour in ancient Egypt and was created using calcium copper silicate.

It's regarded as the world's first entirely synthetic pigment, and stands as testament to the ingenuity of the ancient peoples of the region.

A Greek ram-shaped rhyton is likely to provide another highlight, with an estimate of $20,000-25,000.

It was produced in the region of Taranto in modern day southern Italy and dates to around 340-310 BC. Rhyton are symbolic drinking vessels traditionally used in religious ceremonies.

The lot was formerly owned by Lord Kitchener, the legendary British officer who campaigned in the Sudan and was instrumental in raising the British volunteer army to fight in the first world war.

One of Alfred Leete's iconic "Lord Kitchener Wants You" posters will auction at Onslows Auctioneers on July 9.

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