ZULULAND 1893 6d dull purple imprimatur, SG16

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South Africa Zululand 1893 6d dull purple, type 1 De La Rue overprint on Natal, IMPERFORATE IMPRIMATUR, SG16.

A fine example with good to large margins and fresh part original gum. Minor gum wrinkles, which do not detract, and still fine and most attractive.

A very rare imprimatur of the first stamps used by Zululand on becoming a Crown Colony, which were overprinted stamps from Natal.

The stamp is signed on reverse "Holcombe", (Peter Holcombe) the well respected dealer, philatelist and expertiser particularly renowned for his expertise in British Commonwealth stamps.

Zululand in Southern Africa was a Crown Colony of the British Empire from 1887-1897, but prior had been an independent Zulu Kingdom since 1816. Zululand was absorbed into Natal on December 31, 1897. Stamps were withdrawn from sale for Zululand on June 30, 1898.

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