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  • A rare Russian Royal document signed by Tsar Nicholas II
  • Dated November 1905, during the First Russian Revolution

Nicholas II was the last Emperor of Russia, who reigned from 1894 until his death in 1917.

As an autocrat who believed in absolute power, he was ill-equipped to lead a nation demanding social reform.

As his people suffered in poverty, and his armies were heavily defeated overseas, the seeds of Revolution were sown.

Although he quelled the First Russian Revolution in 1905, he eventually paid the ultimate price for his failures as leader during the revolution of 1917.

Nicholas, his wife Alexandria and his five young children were brutally executed by the Bolsheviks.

And their murders marked the birth of the Soviet Union and Communism.


The document measures 22cm by 35.5cm and is in good condition.

It features small paper chips to the top right corner and left hand side, along with minor creasing in the corners.

The text of the document is printed in Cyrillic, and reads as translated:

"Decree to the chapter of Russian Imperial and Tsarist orders and medals.

"In accordance with the conclusion of the Committee on the service of the ranks of the Civil department and on awards, and, on the recommendation of the Acting Chief Administrator of Land Management and Agriculture on the excellent and useful activities of the persons named below, We Graciously bestowed them with the title of Cavaliers of Our Imperial Order of St. Anna:

"The manager of the Ivanovo estate of the Tambov District, His Imperial Majesty Prince George Maximovich Romanovsky.

"Duke of Leuchtenberg, a Saxon citizen, nobleman Otto Philipp von Jeschau.

"Vice-president of the Horticulture Society, Candidate of Natural Sciences, nobleman Edmund Yankovsky.

"As a result, we C-O-M-M-A-N-D the Chapter to issue these Cavaliers with order badges and certificates for them. Done in Tzarskoye Selo, on the 21st of November 1905."

The document is signed by both Acting Chief Administrator of Land Management and Agriculture, Nikolay Kushnir, and Nicholas II.

Nicholas' signature is an exceptional example, signed clearly in crisp black without smudges or fading.

It's a rare autograph of real quality, worthy of any good history collection.

Provenance: Ex. Stanley Gibbons

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