TRISTAN DA CUNHA 1918 'Davies' cover, SGC1

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Tristan Da Cunha 1918 (AP 26) 'Davies' cover (opened for display) to Widnes, carried on board the Norwegian whaler 'SS Perth', which left the island on 26 April, with light strike of type I cachet in violet.

South Georgia (type SG2) transit circular date stamp and pencil annotation 'Dated 25th April 1918/ Received 22 June 1918/ from S Rogers' at reverse.

A fine and neat cover with only trivial blemishes, and much above average compared to similar covers.

Provenance: Ex Jack Cole Collection (Stanley Gibbons Auctions 30/10/98, lot 19).

The Stanley Gibbons catalogue value is £4,000.

Tristan Da Cunha did not issue its first stamps until 1952. Between 1908 to 1952, cachets of origin were struck on mail from the island. The handstamps producing these cachets were supplied over the years by people particularly interested in the island as well as islanders. They were predominantly used by the clergymen who volunteered to go and serve as the community's ministers.

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