Tonga 1923-4 2d on 1s black and red-brown, SG67

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Tonga 1923-24 2d on 1s black and red-brown, type 27 surcharge in blue, watermark upright, lower right corner block of 12 (4x3 - the bottom row severed and rejoined), showing the very prominent frame-plate retouch on the second stamp in the top row (position 38), SG67.

A fine mint positional block with large part original gum. A few minor gum tones and traces of back adhesion, which barely detract in any way. Very fine and fresh appearance.

An impressive positional multiple of this scarce stamp. Only 103 sheets were surcharged in total.

An attractive stamp featuring George Tupou II (Siasi Tupou II), who was King from age 18 until his death (1893-1918). He was the great-grandson of George Tupou I.

NB. Tonga stamps from 1897 to 1949 all use "TOGA" although the pronunciation is "TONGA" with a silent "n".

Stanley Gibbons catalogue value: £900+.

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