Thomas Edison Autographed Document

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Thomas Edison Autographed Document

  • Three examples of Thomas Edison's autograph on the annual report of the Edison Spanish Colonial Light Company
Thomas Edison (1847-1931) was one of the greatest inventors to have ever lived, with his inventions changing the way that we live today. Among the 1,093 patents in his name are the phonograph, motion picture camera and the first practical light bulb. As such, his memorabilia is widely collected today, with collectors eagerly seeking items connected to his business life.

Edison's autograph graces this two page document three times. The manuscript is the annual report of the Edison Spanish Colonial Light Company. It contains details of the company's capital stock, $100,000, of which $50,000 has "been issued in payment for property necessary for the business of the company".

As President of the company, Edison has signed on the lower half of the first page, and again underneath as listed with the other majority trustees. Overleaf, his autograph is written as confirmation of the veracity of the document. Minor splits along the edge, not affecting text or signatures. In fine condition, the signatures are crisp and bold, written in dark black ink.

The Edision Spanish Colonial Light Company, founded in 1882, was established to protect Edison's light patents in Cuba, Puerto Rico and other Spanish American colonies.

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