Sudan 1905 1m wmk quatrefoil var, SGA4a

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Sudan Army Official. 1905 (Nov) 1m brown and pink, watermark Quatrefoil, type A1 overprint, variety "!" for first "I" in "OFFICIAL" (R5/4 of setting), SGA4a.

A fresh example with large part original gum. Minor gum crease does not detract from very fine appearance.

A great rarity, of which only one other unused example (ex Frazer) is known to us.

Although Stagg estimates that only one sheet (= four panes of 30) on Quatrefoil watermark paper received the type A1 overprint, the existence of two unused examples with the "!" for "I" variety, coupled with three known used examples, proves that at least two sheets must have existed.

The “Camel Postman” stamps of Sudan are considered by the famous printers De La Rue as the “most satisfactory” in their long history of stamp production. It was first issued in 1898 and was so successful that it continued until 1931 and effectively became the country’s symbolic emblem.

Accompanied with a clear British Philatelic Association (BPA) certificate of authenticity (1989).

The Stanley Gibbons catalogue value is £6,000.

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