Pablo Picasso Autographed Postcard

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Pablo Picasso Autographed Postcard

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  • Signed postcard from world-famous artist Pablo Picasso 
  • Depicts Femme ivre se fatigue - a celebrated work from his Blue Period
  • Boldy signed and in excellent condition

Spanish artist Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) is one of the best known figures in the art world. For many, the mention of his name embodies art and painting.

Known for his versatility and influence, his style ranged over his career, and he is credited with founding the Cubist movement, as well as being a leading Expressionist.

His Blue Period began around 1901, shortly after the death of his friend Carlos Casagemas, and is characterised with is subdued palette and melancholy subject matter.

Femme ivre se fatigue (Drunk Woman is Tired) is one of many that he created during this time that explore the subject of Paris' absinthe drinkers, and is a well known and celebrated work.

This 6" x 4¼" postcard photo of Picasso's Femme ivre se fatigue (Drunk Woman is Tired - 1902) is autographed by the artist along the lower border. The autograph is marked and underlined in light blue ink, "Picasso le 15.2.67". The item is in excellent condition.

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