NYASALAND 1898 'Cheque stamp' 1d vermilion and (pale to deep) ultramarine, SG55b

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Nyasaland 1898 (11 Mar) 'Cheque stamp' 1d vermilion and (pale to deep) ultramarine, setting II, complete imperforate pane of 30 (15x2) showing the complete setting, with controls on reverse, lightly cancelled by individual strikes of Zomba circular date stamps, dated 'JY 8 98', SG55b.

A fine quality used sheet with very good colour and appearance. Inevitable faults for such a large multiple of this age, with creases (mainly between impressions) and stain spots, and some peripheral tears and embossing defects. There are no known mint examples of this rare stamp.

A fascinating and spectacular showpiece, and a major African rarity in this form.

The cheque stamps have become a popular area of study for many philatelists. The centres of the stamps were embossed one at a time. The design of lhe embossed part depicts the coffee tree from the Arms of the Protectorate, and the words 'ONE PENNY' below and 'BRITISH CENTRAL AFRICA PROTECTORATE' extending round the sides and top.

The Stanley Gibbons catalogue value is £4,200+.

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