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  • A superb single page letter with military content, signed by Napoleon in Paris on March 31, 1806.

Napoleon is one of history's most iconic figures. As emperor of France, his actions shaped Europe in the early 19th century.

Following a successful coup d'etat in 1799, Napoleon went on to conquer much of Western and North Eastern Europe.

Napoleon was key in establishing a legal framework used across much of Europe, based on meritocracy, and his military strategy is still widely studied across the world.

When the Duke of Wellington was asked to name the greatest general of the day, he answered: "In this age, in past ages, in any age, Napoleon."


A single-page letter concerning military rations, measuring 7" by 9".


Dated March 31, 1806 and sent from Paris to Nicolas François Mollien, Napoleon's Minister of the Treasury.


Written in French, the translation reads in full:


“Mr Mollien, I am sending you an invoice that Mr Villmauzy submitted for payment.

“1) The bill for soup bread should be deducted that should not be paid for January, February and March, since that army was in enemy country at the time and kept on the alert;

“2) The second regiment is in Italy and should be paid in Italy;

“3) A portion of General Oudinot's division, three elite battalions, also crossed into Italy. I pray God that he keeps you safe.”

The note also includes an annotation at the bottom which reads “Submitted to the general war paymaster”.


Napoleon signs boldly beneath the text with his usual flourish.


In good condition, with just two small pieces of tape affixed to the reverse along the top edge which do not affect the text.


The letter was signed by Napoleon just three months after the Battle of Austerlitz: the “tactical masterpiece” regarded as the most brilliant victory of his career.


A superb autograph from one of history's most iconic figures.


Provenance: Ex Stanley Gibbons

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