Mahatma Gandhi twice-signed autograph

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  • A bold signature from Mahatma Gandhi in black fountain pen dated April 4, 1947
  • Gandhi signs twice: once in Hindi and again in English

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (1869-1948) is celebrated as the father of modern India. Gandhi trained as a lawyer in London. On a posting to South Africa he experienced intense racism. He pushed back. On returning to India in 1915 he became a leader in the Indian nationalist movement. Gandhi insisted on non-violent means to effect change. Over time his influence among ordinary Indians grew.

He renounced all worldly possessions, wearing only a simple cotton dhoti (loincloth). The British did all they could to destroy his influence. He spent years in prison. Finally on August 15, 1947, after almost 300 years of colonial control, India declared independence. Gandhi did not live to see the first free elections. A Hindu nationalist assassinated him as he walked to a prayer meeting in New Delhi in January 1948. Gandhi remains a figurehead for independence movements the world over.

Gandhi signs on this 6.5 x 4 inch sheet on April 27, 1947 – just over four months before India’s Independence Day and 10 months before his death. At the time of signing he and other members of the Indian National Congress were in talks with the British over partition.

Gandhi was deeply opposed to splitting the sub-continent along religious lines. However, with tensions rising between Hindus and Muslims, he was outvoted. 

The page bears two signatures from Gandhi. One is in Hindi. The other, below, is in English: “M.K. Gandhi.”

Gandhi’s signature is scarce and increasingly in-demand.

This is a rare chance to own two in one.

The piece comes affixed to a paper backing. The condition is excellent.

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