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  • A 1701 document signed by Louis XIV (the Sun King)

Louis XIV (1638-1715) ascended to the French throne in 1643, when he was four years old. His reign lasted 72 years, still the longest in European history. France was the greatest power on the continent at this time. Under Louis’ reign, France greatly expanded its territory and influence. As a child, Louis adopted the sun as his own personal emblem. He came to be known as the Sun King. The symbol can be found throughout the city of Versailles and its lavish palace - which Louis created. 

This large 9.5 x 14.5 inch document dates to May 1, 1701 and concerns the career of an officer in Louis XIV’s employ. The king signs at the bottom right. It's a large and impressive signature with enormous presence. 

The condition is good, with some age related toning, soiling and spotting. It was, at one time, folded. None of these factors affects the quality of the signature.

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