John Ryan Autographed Sketch of Captain Pugwash & Others

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  • An original artwork by Captain Pugwash creator John Ryan 

John Ryan (1921-2009) was a British cartoonist who is most well known for creating the popular children's cartoon, Captain Pugwash.

Captain Pugwash first appeared in classic comic book Eagle, but was dropped due to being too "childish" for the target audience.

The BBC commissioned a Captain Pugwash television series in 1957 which ran until 1966. The character also appeared in the BBC Radio Times from 1960 until 1968.

John Ryan drew this 9.5 x 6.5 inch sketch by hand. It shows the head and shoulders of Captain Pugwash and his trusty crew-member Tom the Cabin Boy.

The sketch also shows another of Ryan's creations, Harris Tweed, a character who appeared regularly in comic book Eagle.

Ryan has handwritten each character's name next to the corresponding sketch. In the lower left corner he has added the notation "P.T.O."

On the reverse of the sheet, Ryan has written the following note:

"Dear Sarah, Not very good I'm afraid but I am getting OLD! Sincerely, John (Ryan)". Ryan has dated the piece 2008, just a year before he died.

This delightful piece is in excellent condition.

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