JK Rowling handwritten miniature book

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  • A one-of-a-kind miniature handwritten manuscript from Harry Potter author JK Rowling
  • Consisting of 31 pages bound in green and gold hardback
  • Bearing a signature from Rowling on the title page

J.K Rowling (1965 -) is an English author, screenwriter, producer and philanthropist. She's the creator of the Harry Potter series of children's novels, which to date has sold a record 400 million copies worldwide.

The seven best-selling books also spawned a series of blockbuster Hollywood movies, video games, several theme park attractions, and an empire of merchandise worth an estimated $25 billion.  

Aside from her literary career, Rowling has also been praised for her philanthropic work, and has raised tens of millions for good causes including Comic Relief and her own children's charity Lumos.

A unique handwritten book by Harry Potter author JK Rowling, listing everything a Hogwarts student will need for their first year at Hogwarts.

The final page bears the inscription: "From Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, by me."

This is the only example of this book ever created. A handwritten copy of Rowling's The Tale of Beedle the Bard sold for £1.9m ($2.4m) in 2007.

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