James I gold ten shilling "Laurel" (1621-1623)

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Mintmark 'Thistle' — 1621 — 23 

Type Third Coinage, Fourth Head. 

Ref. no: Schneider - ; N 2117; S 2641A. 

Obv. Laureate, draped bust of James left, denomination X' behind, 'IACOBVS DIG' MAG' BRI' FRAN' ET HI' REX'. 

Rev. Crowned Royal Arms on cross fourchee, 

'HENRICVS ROSAS REGNA IACOBVS', (Henry [united] the roses, James the kingdoms) 

27mm, 4.43g. GVF - Good Very Fine, well struck, light hair-line scratch before face 

Not very rare but a very nice example — usually weakly struck this piece has a well struck portrait with although some of the legends are as little weak - also very nice even light toning thus a desirable piece.

In 1619 there was a currency reform and new 20 and 10 shillings pieces were reduced in weigh making the former coins worth 22 and 11 shillings.

To make it easy to differentiate between the two coins this new lighter coin was issued with James facing left - the other direction — and wearing a laurel wreath rather than a crown.

Consequently they became known as a 'Laurels' and 'Half laurels'.

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