James Dean Signed 1948 High School Yearbook

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A rare and moving 1948 yearbook from James Dean’s junior year at Fairmount High School in rural Indiana.

Signed attractively by a 17-year-old James Dean in blue ink alongside those of his classmates.

Signed “Jim Dean”. Dean has added his nickname “RACK” – a reference to his ability at billiards.

The yearbook also contains five photographs of James Dean:

  • A small individual shot among his classmates
  • As part of the F Club, denoting that Dean was a sports star
  • A lovely picture of the future screen star stood behind his drama mentor, Adeline Brookshire (Nall), in the junior class play. Poignantly called: Our Hearts Were Young and Gay
  • Again with Mrs Brookshire as part of the Thespian Society. Mrs Brookshire has added her signature
  • A photo of Jimmy among his basketball pals – who will carry his coffin seven years later

The yearbook also features:

Photographs of Dean’s prom date, Edith Thomas

A large number of photos and signatures of students and teachers, including his basketball teammates and Mrs Brookshire (Nall).


James Dean signatures are rare. He died so young, and just as he was beginning to find fame.

“Jim Dean” signatures are rarer still.

And Jim Dean signed high school yearbooks are particularly uncommon.

In good condition for its age. A moving book – created just seven years before Dean’s untimely death.

Provenance: Ex. Stanley Gibbons

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