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  • A 1 x 1 inch piece of the white ensign flag flown from the HMS Victory during the Battle of Trafalgar
  • Presented in an attractive Victorian-era gold coloured locket on a portrait backing, complete with frame

The HMS Victory, launched in 1765, was Lord Nelson's flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. The Victory was the first ship to strike into the enemy lines at Trafalgar. It was on the deck of the Victory that Nelson was mortally wounded by a French sniper. Today the ship can be seen in dry dock at Portsmouth Harbour.

Lord Nelson (1758-1805) was a British naval officer famous for his victories against the French during the Napoleonic Wars. He was known for his superb leadership skills and unconventional strategies. Nelson was involved in battle almost constantly between 1793 until his death in 1805. During this time he lost the sight in his right eye at the Battle of Calvi in Corsica and lost his right arm at Santa Cruz in Tenerife. Admiral Lord Nelson is remembered as one of the greatest British war heroes in history.

This 1 x 1 inch piece of HMS Victory's white ensign flag is presented in an attractive Victorian-era gold coloured locket.

The locket is displayed below a striking image of Lord Nelson. The piece is attractively framed to an overall size of 45 by 40 cm.

As well as its use at Trafalgar, the white ensign flag also formed part of Nelson's funeral procession to London's St Paul's Cathedral.

Instead of folding the white ensign and placing it into Nelson's coffin as instructed, Nelson's men (who had accompanied the catafalque) tore sections from the flag as personal mementos, before what remained was placed into the coffin.

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