Great Britain 1884 10s. Ultramarine, Mint SG177

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Great Britain 1884 10 shilling Ultramarine On Blued Paper, SG177.

A superb mint example of this very rare stamp. Exceptional Quality with outstanding colour and well centred. The finest quality example in existence.

In 1883, the parcel post began and there was a need for higher value stamps.

The 1884 10 shilling is very rare for the obvious reason that it had a high face value. When you consider the average take-home pay at the time was under £1 a week, 10 shillings represented more than half a week’s wages.

Due to being so expensive, few stamps of this value were purchased by collectors at the time. Almost all were used for postage.

These stamp designs also had a comparatively short lifespan and came from only 2 printing plates. This 10 shilling was originally released on 1 April, 1884 in the ultramarine shade on blued paper.

There are no more than six examples in existence, most of which have condition defects.

Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from the British Philatelic Association (BPA).

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