Great Britain 1840 2d blue, plate 2, SG5

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Great Britain 1840 2d blue, Plate 2, initialled "RH", SG5.

A fine used example with good to large margins, cancelled by 433 numeral for Sandhurst (Kent) in black.

The 1840 two penny blue is 10 times scarcer than the penny black.

The two penny blue was issued contemporary with the penny black and therefore shares the accolade of being one of the world’s first two postage stamps.

Officially, the two penny blue stamps were valid for postage from 6th May, 1840 (the same day the first penny blacks were used). However, they were only made available from 8th May.

The two penny blue was issued for just one year and was used to cover postage on packages weighing over half an ounce. Sending letters was a new enough concept at the time, let alone parcels.

As a result, the stamp was rarely used, and therefore issued in much smaller quantities than the penny black.

Used examples of the 2d blue are much rarer and significantly more valuable than the penny black.

GB Specialised Catalogue No: D1xc.

Stanley Gibbons catalogue value: £1,000.

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