Great Britain 1840 1d Black Plate 1, 1a and 2d blue Plate.1. SG2/5 Pl1.

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Great Britain 1840 1d Black Plate 1, 1a and 2d blue Plate.1, SG2/5.

Superb combination entire envelope bearing two 1d black plate 1a lettered GC and FK and a 2d blue Plate 1 lettered AC each neatly cancelled by a crisp red Maltese Cross. Sent from London to Manchester with a London circular date stamp on reverse for MY.28.1840 then redirected (as requested in the contents of the letter) without further postage to Ashgrove, Herts.

A magnificent 4d combination franking, believed to be unique with a May usage. A very important piece of early British postal history of exhibition quality.

Accompanied with a 1991 Holcombe Certificate of Authenticity.

Provenance: Ex Sir Leonard Atkinson & GL.

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