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  • A 10 x 8 inch black and white photo signed by three leading crewmembers of the Enola Gay
  • Pilot and aircraft commander Paul Tibbets (1915-2007), navigator Dutch Van Kirk (1921-2014) and bombardier Tom Ferebee (1918-2000) sign their names along with their positions

The crew of the Enola Gay were tasked with dropping the first atomic bomb (codenamed “Little Boy”) on the city of Hiroshima. Along with the bombing of Nagasaki, their mission brought the Second World War to a swift conclusion and ushered in the nuclear age.

This is a large and visually impressive photograph signed by the crew of the Enola Gay on May 28, 1999. Each man has signed his name above his image, along with his role on the historic bombing run.

Ferebee has included the date “6 aug. 1945”, while Tibbets has written “Enola Gay” above his signature. Photographs signed by these three leading members of the crew are profoundly rare.

Comes with a certificate of authenticity that includes a photo of the three men signing the photo. 

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