Edward VIII 1936 coronation notice from House of Commons

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  • Official House of Commons printed notice of the coronation of Edward VIII, the Duke of Windsor

In 1934, Prince Edward was next in line to the throne. He had no patience for the arcane rules of court life and embarked on a romantic relationship with twice-divorced American socialite Wallis Simpson. Her status was a huge problem for the staunchly traditional government and Church of England.

When Edward became king of the United Kingdom in January 1936, he made it clear he planned to marry Wallis. When he was told by Parliament this was impossible, he abdicated in December of that year. The couple lived out the rest of their lives in a whirl of parties and foreign travel.

A supremely scarce, likely unique, original November 1936 notice, displayed in the UK's House of Commons.

The notice invites MPs "and their wives" (even though there were a handful of female MPs) to attend Kind Edward VIII's coronation in May 1937 - a coronation that never took place due to the king's abdication.

This notice was displayed in the House of Commons following the opening of Parliament on 3 November 1936 until the King's abdication on 10 December.

Annotated by FJ Bellenger (1894-1968), the MP for Bassetlaw from 1935 to 1968. He writes "Exhibited in House of Commons previous to Edward VIII's abdication Dec 1936."

16 x 12 inches.

Framed and glazed.

All Edward VIII artefacts from his 12 month rule are scarce and highly prized. We know of no other example of this notice. It is likely unique and there, extremely desirable.

PROVENANCE: Ex. Sotheby's, London, 14 December 1992, lot 159

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