David Bowie signed Aladdin Sane LP

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David Bowie (1947-2016) created some of the most distinctive and influential music of the 20th century. Over time he developed his sound, from the folk influenced Space Oddity through to the hugely successful plastic funk of Let’s Dance. Away from music he was an accomplished painter and actor, starring in several acclaimed motion pictures.

This is a copy of David Bowie’s seminal album Aladdin Sane, with its iconic lightning bolt cover. Housed in a 19 x 19 inch frame. 

Bowie signs “To Julia/ Love Bowie”. There are also signatures from the Spiders from Mars, the legendary backing group Bowie collaborated with during the early 1970s. Guitarist Mick Ronson signs “Love to Julia/ Mick Ronson”. Bassist Trevor Bolder and drummer Mick Woodmansey sign below.

Woodmansey is the sole surviving member of the Spiders from Mars. Signed albums are rare and in high demand, particularly of this quality. 

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