CYPRUS 1882 "½" on ½pi emerald-green, variety, SG25/c

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Cyprus 1882 '1/2'½" on ½ 1/2pi emerald-green, watermark CA, type 8 surcharge, block of 4 showing positions 3-4 of the setting, with variety 'Spur on 1' on left pair, SG25/c.

A fine mint block of four with original gum and with very fresh colour. Minor gum creasing and insignificant traces of gum toning mentioned for accuracy only, as a fine and rare block.

Surcharging was applied by a setting of six arranged as a horizontal row and this is a very attractive philatelic piece with the printing varieties showing on both of the left hand stamps.

Provenance: Ex Brewer. (Warwick & Warwick 3/6/1992, lot 2733).

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