BRITISH LEVANT 1916 2s reddish orange, SGS3

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British Levant 1916 2d reddish orange, type S1 'Salonica' overprint, left marginal block of 4, SGS3.

A brilliant quality mint block of four with original gum.

Only 480 were originally sold, and they are especially rare in a multiple.

Accompanied with a Royal Philatelic Society (RPS) certificate of authenticity (1971).

Provenance: Stanley Gibbons handstamps on reverse.

The term British Levant has been adopted by stamp collectors to describe the stamp issues from various British Post Offices within the former Turkish Empire.

These overprints of British stamps were originally prepared for use by a civilian post office to be set up on Mouth Athos, Northern Greece. When the project was abandoned, they were placed on sale at the Army Field office in Salonica.

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