British Guiana 1850-51 4c on black orange 'Cottonreel' SG2

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British Guiana 1850-51 4c on black orange 'Cottonreel', SG2.

Violet M/S initials 'WHS' of W.H. Lortimer, cut round with frameline intact, affixed to piece by a wafer and tied by 1851 Demerara 'MR 20' circular datestamp. The method of affixation has caused minor wrinkles, but an attractive example of this classic rarity, with fresh colour.

One of the great stamp rarities from the British Commonwealth. The renowned "Cotton Reel" stamps are named for their resemblance to the base of a cotton reel. Its primitive charm has resulted in it always being highly treasured by collectors.

Accompanied with a Holcombe certificate of authenticity (1985).

The SG catalogue price is £16,000.

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