Blondie signed and concert used drum skin

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  • A Remo drum skin signed by all three original members of Blondie in a 2012 show

Blondie’s distinctive sound made them one of the most intriguing alternative acts of the 20th century, achieving huge success through the 1970s and 1980s with songs like Heart of Glass, Rapture and Call Me. They are still releasing records and touring today.

A 14.5-inch snare drum skin signed by singer Debbie Harry, drummer Clem Burke and guitarist Chris Stein – the three longest serving original members of the band.

Burke used this skin in a 2012 Australian performance and has marked it with the set list for the show. The piece is marked with the location and date (“Dec 12 2012 Townsville”). A must-have for Blondie fans.

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