Barbados 1988 Cricket 50c error, SG856a

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Barbados 1988 Cricket 50c error WRONG PORTRAIT showing E. Lawson Barlett, lower right corner block of 4 with '1C' (x4) plate numbers, SG856a.

A superb unmounted mint positional block with full original gum (trivial gum bends, which do not detract, mentioned for accuracy).

101 examples are reported to have been sold in the ordinary course of business by the Parcel Post Department before instructions to withdraw the stamps were received.

A rare positional multiple of this very popular British Commonwealth modern error.

In 1988, the Barbados Philatelic Bureau was set to release a series of five stamps celebrating famous Barbadian cricketers. Walsall Security Printers were sent the basic artwork for the stamp.

They were also given a selection of photographs of the players. However, there were no suitable single photos of Herman Griffith so the printers were given a full team photo. Instructions as to where Griffith was located on the photo were written on the back. Somehow the printer got confused and Lawson Bartlett ended up on the stamp.

The day prior to the release the young son of Herman Griffith was given a sneak preview of the stamp with his father on it. Yes, you've guessed it - his son spotted it wasn't his father on the stamp!

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