Apollo 14 launch day signed cover

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  • Apollo 14 crew signed launch day cover

Apollo 14 (1971) was the third mission to land on the Moon, with Alan Shepard and Edgar Mitchell becoming the fifth and sixth persons to set foot on the lunar surface.

Over two EVAs - "Extra Vehicular Activities" - lasting over nine hours, Apollo 14 collected over 100 pounds of Moon rocks.

The pair also conducted several lunar surface experiments, including seismic studies.

Most memorable however, is Alan Shepard's legacy as the first man to play golf on another celestial body.

The 6.5 x 3.5 inch cover features a stamped cachet celebrating the Apollo 14 mission, and a superbly bold launch date cancel from Cape Canaveral.

It is signed on the front in ink and felt tip by Alan Shepard, Edgar Mitchell, and Stu Roosa.

A superb example.

Provenance: ex. RR Auction (2010) - certified by Steve Zarelli.

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