Approx. 90 unseen letters between Fidel Castro and mistress Natty Revuelta Clews - photocopies and typed transcriptions

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An extraordinary envelope containing 91 photocopies and typed transcriptions of original, previously unseen letters between Fidel Castro and his mistress Natty Revuelta Clews.

The importance of these letters cannot be overemphasised. They are catalogued and dated, and as such provide an astonishing history - not just of Natty's early relationship and life with Castro, but of Fidel Castro himself.

Many of these are passionate love letters.

These letters were predominantly exchanged while Castro was in prison between 1954 and 1955, following his failure to overthrow the Batista regime, and during Natty’s time in Paris in the early 1960s.

The whereabouts of the original letters is unknown. They are presumed lost. As such, this collection offers a unique opportunity to acquire previously unknown Castro correspondence, which broadens our understanding of Cuban history.

It’s thought Castro and Natty employed a code using a work by Rudyard Kipling as the key when sending some or all of these letters. (See lot 1). This warrants further research by the successful bidder of lot 25.

Complete list of the 91 letters


29th December Castro to Natty


2nd January Natty to Castro

2nd January Castro to Natty

3/5 January Natty to Castro

5th January Castro to Natty

7th January Castro to Natty

10th January Castro to Natty

11th January Castro to Natty

11th to 13th January Natty to Castro

15th January Castro to Natty

16th January Natty to Castro

18th January Natty to Castro

19th January Castro to Natty

20th January Castro to Natty

22nd January Natty to Castro

23rd January Castro to Natty

24th January Castro to Natty

25th January Natty to Castro

26th January Natty to Castro

26th January Castro to Natty

27th January Castro to Natty

28th January Natty to Castro

28th January Castro to Natty

31st January Castro to Natty

6th February Natty to Castro

8th February Castro to Natty

9th February Castro to Natty

12th February Castro to Natty

13th February Natty to Castro

14th February Natty to Castro …


15th to 17th February Natty to Castro

23rd February Natty to Castro

27th February Castro to Natty

27th February Natty to Castro

1st March Castro to Natty

3rd March Natty to Castro

5th March Castro to Natty

5th March Natty to Castro. We believe Castro's secret compartment cigar box was used to send this letter

7th March Natty to Castro

8th March Castro to Natty

8-11th March Castro to Jeque

11th March Castro to Natty

13th March Natty to Castro

14th March Castro to Natty

16th March Natty to Castro

18th March Castro to Natty

19th March Natty to Castro

22nd March Castro to Natty

24th March Castro to Natty

24th March Natty to Castro

25th March Castro to Natty

27th March Natty to Castro

28th March Castro to Natty

31st March Castro to Natty

1st April Natty to Castro

2nd April Castro to Natty

4th April Castro to Natty

11th April to Castro to Natty

14th April Natty to Castro

15th April Castro to Natty

19th April Natty to Castro

21st April Natty to Castro

22nd April Natty to Castro

23rd April Natty to Castro

26th April Natty to Castro

27th April Castro to Natty

30th April Natty to Castro

2nd May Castro to Natty

3rd May Natty to Castro

5th May Natty to Castro

6th May Natty to Castro

14th May Castro to Natty

Letter for Natty in a letter to Lidia in June or July 1954

3rd September 4 letters found sent using the cigar box

18th September For Natty in letter from Castro to Lidia

15th October PS for Natty in letter to Lidia

1st December Castro to Natty

5th December PS in letter to Lidia for Natty

13th December Castro letter to his sister to give to Natty

14th December Natty to Castro

23rd December Castro to Natty

30th December Natty to Castro

Later letters

Letter from Natty to Castro on 4th November 1964 from Paris

Letter From Castro to Natty 4th March 1964

Letter to Castro from Natty (year unknown)

Letter sent to Castro by Natty from France (year unknown)

Natty letter explaining who took part in the 26th July attack, especially concerning a brother and sister who took part and what they did. Both were killed

Letter from Natty to Castro on Friday 12th (year unknown)

The collection of letters is housed in an envelope (see photo). The envelope contains several sticky notes in Natty's handwriting.

Due to the sensitive nature of this collection of letters, full details are available upon request only.

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Acquired by the previous owner at the estate sale of Fidel Castro's mistress Natty Revuelta Clews, between December 2015 and July 2016.

The previous owner is British businessman Mr Gary Shannon, who knew the Castro family and their associates for 20+ years from circa 2000. Mr Shannon helped provide technology and communications infrastructure to Cuba.

The item formed part of Mr Shannon’s private Jagdamer Museum of Castro and Guevara memorabilia, from 2016 to 2020.

Natty Revuelta Clews (December 26, 1925 – February 27, 2015) was the mistress of Fidel Castro from 1955 until her death. Their daughter, Alina, was born in 1956.

Revuelta - a wealthy socialite - was instrumental in assisting Castro overthrow the Batista regime in Cuba.

Revuelta sold her jewels to support the Cuban rebels, helped plan the 26th of July Movement uprising in 1953 and, crucially, helped Fidel Castro co-ordinate the Cuban Revolution while he was imprisoned between 1953 and 1955, through exchanging secret messages with Castro.

The pair began their affair upon Castro’s release from prison in May 1955.

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